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Welcome to Laukvik!

Whether it’s the postcard-perfect fishing villages and serene landscapes that appeal to you, or centuries of Nordic heritage and Viking vigor that incite intrigue, Norway’s cultural, historical, and physical landscapes leave a lasting impression.

Laukvik in Lofoten is a well-known fishing village located 35 km from Svolvær.

The Northern Lights Observatory is also something that attracts people to the village.

Here you can catch up and find peace in an atmosphere of warmth, hospitality and authentic surroundings. The pace is quieter out here, the silence is more present.

At the intersection of the clear air and the blue water, it is easier to leave everyday stress and hassle behind.

In the slowness one can find inspiration and strength.

Maybe take a walk in the beautiful countryside, sit and look out over the sea, rent a boat and fish - and look at the beautiful sun that never sets in the summer. In the winter, you can enjoy the same view, but then with the northern lights present. Sit on the cozy terrace with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee and a good book.

We warmly welcome you to Laukvik in Lofoten!




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